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Here at Papercreative, we create places that people like to be. Because we believe when customers like something, it’s good for business. 
Whether we’re creating a new store format, a shop within shop or the development of an individual product category. Customer profiles, brand personality and business objectives are the ingredients we mix together, seasoned with fresh thinking and a pinch of logic - we create a store design and merchandising recipe that’s right for your customer. That’s what makes us different, our recipes are easy to follow and we won’t use expensive ingredients if your customer has no appetite for them. We’ll deliver on time and on budget so you won’t have to keep an eye on things - we’ll do that for you. So, if you’re hungry to create a place your customers like to be,            just get in touch.
We can’t always show you what we’re working on currently as we respect client confidentiality, so what you see here is by no means exhaustive. As soon as we can show you though, we will.
Just so you know...
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An entirely new design and format of Plumb Center  Bathroom Showroom has now opened in their Plymouth branch. Working closely with Plumb Center’s internal project team, we were engaged to handle the design concepts, store planning, specifications and brand communication. Designed around the specific needs of Trade customers and in turn their customers, the new format Showroom at Plymouth is the first in a series of planned refurbishments.